HQartist is a booking and management system that is created together with booking agents and managers, to create better solutions for those who choose to entertain others.

Manage your bookings with a few clicks and contract your shows without any paperwork. Organize all of your live music activities in a fast and secure way.

Save Time

Save time with multiple functions gathered in one place, so you don’t have to worry about switching between systems.

Organization Management

Transparency is the name of the game. An organizational database is created by providing templates to checklists, a customer- and contact list to fetch needed information quickly.


Communicate and work together with your team, from one personal user. By accessing the necessary information, checklists, contracts, calendar, HQartist simplifies the process of booking as a team.

Checklists & Contracts

We have a one-punch-go approach. Checklists are sent as a form to the venue by email; this is filled out online and is easily fed back to the booking agency for a quick contract conversion. Set up templates for your checklists and contracts to get the tedious stuff out of the way.

Calendar Management

Get all needed information in the calendar directly from checklists and contracts and work efficiently with your coworkers.


HQartist is developed in close collaboration with people from the business, and we section. continuously develop and expand to keep up with your requirements.

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